LEGO Wonder Woman 2017: Steve Trevor Minifigure?


Una publicación compartida de new logo (@delta.customs) el

A small bit of news regarding the LEGO Wonder Woman 2017 theme has come out thanks to DeltaCustoms on Instagram. Somehow he was been able to get his hands on the upcoming Steve Trevor minifigure. Now, for those who might doubt the reliability of DeltaCustoms, the reason many believe this is true is because in the past he has also revealed upcoming minifigs such as John Stewart, Buttercup, and Hulk.

Now, if we trust the veracity of this image, this is the very first time we get to see what his minifigure will look like. Nonetheless, quite a few people have been complaining on the EuroBricks and the comments section of Instagram that there was little effort put into the minifig. People don’t like the “recycled” head print and hair piece. Some even went as far as to modifying the minifigure to make it look similar to the real actor.

I honestly don’t have any opinions regarding the minifig, but I must say that the custom right hand version made by deskp on Eurobricks look slightly more accurate than the original.

What are your thoughts regarding this new minifigure? Are you excited? Let us know on the comments below!


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