LEGO Star Wars Duel in the Senate


I don’t know if you might remember, but back in the day, when Star Wars Episode III had just come out, LEGO created a one-of-a-kind set called the Ultimate Lightsaber Duel (7257). With it, fans were able to reconstruct a part of the Mustafar Duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan. What set this set apart from others was the fact that it was kind of a “mini-game”. If you had a friend over, each of you could take control of a minifig through a long Technic piece and battle until either of the minifigs would fall off. It was quite an interesting concept of a set, however, nothing similar was made in the years to come.

In all honesty, there’s quite a few duels in the saga that have the potential to be recreated in LEGO with this type of mechanism. An example of such is the Duel in the Senate where Yoda goes into battle the Chancellor, or should I say Darth Sidious, to try and defeat the Sith once and for all. Luckily for us, Flickr user Kyle Jannin had this same idea and decided to somewhat materialize it an 3D model.

The set you see above is an approximation of what a playset based on the Duel in the Senate would be. It has the two Technic pieces connected to Yoda and Sidious so you can battle, multiple Repulsorpods which can be “force pulled” by pressing a red Technic piece, the Chancellor’s podium and the Chancellor’s office. Though pretty simple at first glance, this definitely looks like a set I would like to buy from LEGO. The scale is just right for what it is and the attention to movie details is on point. You even get the red Clone Troopers that are always with the Emperor as well as a Mas Amedda minifigure (the blue guy who’s always with Palpatine.

I’m honestly quite impressed by Kyle Jannin‘s work. I really wish that LEGO would make more sets like this. There’s some much potential in a “movie duels” series of sets. What do you think though? Do you agree? Let us know on the comments below!



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