LEGO Star Wars 2017 UCS Millennium Falcon: What We Know


For the past few months there have been some rumors swirling around regarding a potential new LEGO Star Wars 2017 UCS other than the upcoming 75144 Snowspeeder. The reason behind such rumors is not only because this year marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and fans are expecting a surprise, but because some people claim to have gotten word from insiders at LEGO. Almost everyone seems to agree that said UCS will be a revamped Millennium Falcon.

Like all rumors, there’s no solid proof to support any claims. All we can do is blindly trust in what people who claim to have “sources” tell us. Nonetheless, some of these people have somewhat of a good record when it comes to rumors suchs as CM4Sci, who has backed up the UCS MF rumor quite a few times.

Regardless, what exactly have we been able to gather from said rumors? Well, for starters, it has been said that this new MF will feature two radar dishes (one round, one rectangular) so that it can be displayed as a variant from Ep 4-6 or from Ep 7+. As for the piece count, it has been estimated that it should be around 5000 to 6000 pieces, which would result in prices that won’t be pleasing for everyone. In regards to the minifigs, nothing has been said yet as it’s too early to get a good guess, but given that it will feature the rectangular dish it could be possible that we get the new crew. Finally, I’ve been told that the release date for the Falcon might be in September, which would actually coincide with the Force Friday II (the day when Episode 8 toys will hit stores).

This is basically everything we know thus far about the rumored 2017 UCS Millennium Falcon. What’s true? What’s false? We won’t be sure until LEGO makes it official announcement…


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