LEGO Rick and Morty: The Space Car Instructions


There’s no doubt that Rick and Morty has become a highly successful TV show. Personally, when I first heard of the show, I dismissed it s just another cartoon series, but I was wrong. Though the sense of humor of the show might not be for everyone, it was good enough to hook me after only one episode. Perhaps one of the most iconic parts of the show is Rick’s Space Car. It’s present in practically on the majority of the episodes and you might not even believe me if I told that there’s an entire planet powering its battery. Anyhow, a couple of fans have spoken their desire to see a future LEGO Rick and Morty car set, however, chances of it happening are slim. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped fans from creating their own sets!

Imgur user McBroom1 is an example of such. The Space Car you see above was created by him and he has recently posted an Imgur gallery where you can find all of the pieces required as well as the instructions to build his car. I have embedded his album below in case you wish to build it yourself, but if you wish to better understand what’s happening in each image, then I encourage you to check out the gallery over on Imgur.

Now, be aware that his gallery is “upside down” and the first step is actually at the end of the album rather than at the beginning. Also, there’s some pieces that can be replaced in order to make the set more efficient. For example, there’s many instances where McBroom1 uses multiple pieces to assemble a 2×6 brick when you can instead use, well, a 2×6 brick. Other than that, you should find no problems replicating his build.

LEGO Ideas – Rick and Morty The Space Car

I hope you dig this LEGO Rick and Morty Space Car. It might not be the most polished version possible, but it sure looks a lot like the actual car!


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