LEGO Ninjago Movie Sets: What We Know


Many of you cannot wait for the release of the new LEGO Ninjago Movie sets even though we haven’t received any official images or descriptions of said sets. In fact, we don’t even know how many we’ll be getting! However, that’s all going to change now thanks to the guys over at BZPower who have provided us with details on the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie sets featured at the New York Toy Fair.

To begin with, let’s talk about the minifigs. It has been stated that Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, and Nya were all in display and they matched the designs they featured in the full trailer. Garmadon, Master Wu, Lloyd’s mom and Koko were also said to have been in display. As for the “bad guys”, they seem to have a sea vibe. Some had pirate outfits will others headgear pieces that looks like a crab, octopus and puffer fish of sorts meanwhile one guy had a shark costume. Finally, there’s a few citizens who need saving.

Now, onto the sets. Since we have no official images, I suggest you read along with this trailer (above) since BZPower has provided timestamps for the sets they saw.

  • 0:22 – The ships you see flying in screen will be a set.
  • 0:34 – Lloyd’s dragon will be a set, but is scaled down. It’s said that it will feature a lot of sand green pieces and two new pieces for the head.
  • 0:40 – There a lot of Ninjago vehicle sets: Kai’s Mech, the four-legged mech (piloted by Zane), and the ship floating in the background (piloted by Jay)
  • 1:28 – Destiny’s Bounty, one of the biggest sets

There were also a few non-vehicle playsets, but no details were provided.

That’s pretty much everything we know so far regarding the new LEGO Ninjago movie sets. It might not be much, but at least gives us a general idea of what to expect. You are welcome to share your thoughts on the comments below!

Thanks again to BZPower for the information.



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