LEGO Mindstorms is perhaps one of the most advanced LEGO themes currently out in the market. It combines normal LEGO bricks with technic pieces and it adds a robotic component to it with the EV3 Intelligent Brick and its accessories. Many take it as a personal challenge to push the limits of what LEGO has to offer and it seems to be that the people at Arrow Aerospace & Defence decided to do just that.

The advertisement team over at Arrow decided to hire Arthur Sacek, a Brazilian designer and LEGO fanatic, who is well-known for LEGO robotics abilities. His task: create a LEGO machine that makes paper airplanes and launches them into the air…

As you can see, the final product was a masterpiece. The machine grabs the piece paper, makes the adequate folds, bends everything into place and then launches the plane into the air with the help of some rapidly spinning LEGO tires. From the outside, this device seems highly complicated and nearly impossible to make. I’m pretty sure, however, that this was just a simple task for Mr. Sacek and that it felt more as a game than chore. Wait, why am I trying to explain this when you can see the behind-the-scenes with Sacek and the crew at Arrow!

It sure is amazing what LEGO fans with just a couple of bricks, time and dedication. Having that in mind, what are your though about this LEGO Airplane-making machine? Are you impressed? Let us know on the comments below!


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