LEGO Justice League 2017: What We Know About So Far


Justice League is one of the most anticipated super heroes films of 2017. For the first time, fans will be able to see in the big screen how Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the main DC super heroes team up to create the Justice League. There aren’t too many details about the film yet, however, we know that the film is set out to be released on November 16 and fans are wondering, will we get a wave of LEGO Justice League sets?

In short, the answer is YES! Of course we’ll be getting LEGO sets based on the new film. Along with Star Wars, the Super Heroes is arguably one of the most profitable themes for LEGO and their licensing agreement won’t end anytime soon.

Okay, but what about any hard evidence/proof? Well, towards the end of last year there were a bunch of rumors going around LEGO forums, mainly Eurobricks, and more than once we heard about people that knew that there were some Justice League sets on the works. Amongst those who were providing said rumors was CM4Sci, who is well-known for his reliability. He posted that there were currently 3 LEGO Justice League sets planned out for 2017. The only piece of information that he was able to give our where the corresponding set numbers for each set, which were 76085, 76086, and 76087. It was also said that these sets were expected to be released sometime in August 2017, which is quite ahead from the November premiere, but should come as no surprise as LEGO has done this multiple times in the past.

Fast Forward to January 31st and our first piece of proof that backed up CM4Sci’s claimswas released. Twitter user MisterBatfleck posted an image of the preliminary boxes that were displayed at the Nuremberg Toy Fair for the three sets listed above:

Though hard to tell at first, if you zoom in enough to the last box it is possible to make out the set number 76087, which was one of the numbers given by CM4Sci. Thanks to this image, we can also get a rough idea of how big the sets will be and what their price ranges might be. However, perhaps the most interesting part of these images are the minifigures shown in the top right hand corner of the box:

This might very well be our very first look at the LEGO Justice League minifigures (Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash). However, they do look pretty similar to previouse variants we’ve had in the future. In fact, the only minifigs that seem somewhat “new” were The Flash, Aquaman and perhaps Cyborg.

Sadly, this is where it all ends. Other than these recently released images and set list provided by CM4Sci, we don’t know much about the three sets. Their contents, piece counts or price will remain a mystery for quite some time…

I hope this got you somewhat excited for what’s to come later this year. I’ll make sure to post any updates if information becomes available. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the comments below!

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