Rumor: LEGO Dimensions Ending Soon?


To preface this article, everything you are about to read is based on rumors. Official sources have not come out to state whether LEGO Dimensions is actually going to end any time soon.

It seems to be that there’s some dark days ahead for LEGO Dimensions fans worldwide. According to Just2good Eurobricks, one of the most highly regarded sources when it comes to rumors and the future of LEGO, has just revealed in a recent tweet that LEGO Dimensions is nearing it’s end.

This might come to many of us as a surprise given that the franchise seems to be doing great in the market. With a constant flow of new and interesting franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Adventure Time and even Doctor Who, one would believe that LEGO would milk this cow as much as they could possibly do. There’s practically an endless array of dimensions that LEGO could explore and that fans have been begging for. More Cartoon Network shows, classic film franchises and what not! Some fan even wanted franchises that LEGO already has (such as Star Wars and Marvel) to make its way into the Bricks-To-Life world.

This bit of news – or rumor, I should say – comes as a complete surprise. A brief look at past interviews with the developers of the game reveals that they had plans for 4 years of waves. Currently, we are only in year 2 with Wave 7.5 is hitting stores right now and Wave 8 already planned for a May release. There’s even been some datamines that reveals a Vortech Fun Pack (Vortech, for those who don’t know, is the main villain of the game).

Some might believe that Just2good is right due to the fact that Disney killed its Toys-To-Life game Disney Infinity. Many take that as an indicative that this genre of video games is nearing its end. Nevertheless, the numbers seem to show the complete opposite. On a graph published by SeekingAlpha (below), it’s possible to see that Toys-To-Life game sales are still growing to this date. The only big issue is that they are not growing as fast as when they first were introduced.

Though it contradicts the numbers, if Just2good is to be trusted on this wild rumor, LEGO Dimensions might end with The Vortech Fun Pack, Wave 8 and perhaps a Wave 9.

I would like to remind you that this is only a rumor as of right now and official sources have stated nothing regarding the end of LEGO Dimensions. If there happens to be an update on the matter I’ll make sure to let you know.

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