LEGO City Undercover 2017 Release Date Revealed? [UPDATE]


UPDATE: Only a few hours after we wrote this article it was officially announced by LEGO that the game is set out to be released on April 4th and not April 30th. Also, one of the new features of the game is the option to play co-op with a friend, a feature that wasn’t present in the original Wii U game.

As some of you might already know, TT Games is currently hard at work trying to bring us a new LEGO City Undercover 2017 edition. This updated version of the game will feature the original contents from the Wii U version and more! The main attraction though is the fact that it will be available on current generation consoles (Xbox One, PS4 & Nintendo Switch) as well as the PC. Previously, those versions did not exist.

Sadly, we still haven’t received any sort of information regarding the new additions to the game. The only thing we can be sure about is the fact that the overall graphics will be much better than in the original game.

Regardless, the main bit of news that we have today is the fact that the release date for the game might have had been accidentally posted onto the Amazon webstore. According to the official listing, the game is scheduled for an April 30th April 4th release and it is currently available for pre-order. In other words, we are only two months away!

It still remains to be seen if there will be some sort of pre-order bonus with other retailers. Perhaps a new exclusive Chase McCain minifig? So if you’d like to get one, I suggest you wait until the official announcement.


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