LEGO Cars 3: Anything Planned For 2017?


Disney’s Cars franchise has had quite a presence in the childhood of many kids these past few years. It’s almost impossible for you not to know about a kid who either has a Lightning McQueen toy or backpack to take to school. LEGO clearly noticed this and they decided launched a wave of sets based on the second installment of the franchise. However, these sets didn’t sell as expected and the theme met its demise in 2012. Fans have now been left to wonder if there’ll be a LEGO Cars 3 theme… and today we have answers.

The good news for all you LEGO Cars fans is that there WILL be a Cars 3 theme. We know this because of an Instagram picture (below) posted by the PromoBricks team. As you can see, there seems to be a total of 8 sets planned out to be released along with the film. The somewhat bad news: it’s a LEGO Junior subtheme.

Many fans will be disappointed at the fact that this is Junior and not normal LEGO sets. This might not make them compatible with current LEGO City layouts nor the previous Cars sets due to their scale. They are somewhat bigger and tend to be slightly simplified than a normal set. This is not to say that the sets will necessarily be bad or anything like that. In the contrary, they might actually be quite good and worth considering getting a few. We just have to consider the demographics behind this theme. It mainly targeted towards young audiences who love the Cars movies, but aren’t old enough to handle smaller bricks.

In summary, we will be getting LEGO Cars 3 sets, but just not in the format that many expected.


  1. Don’t be embarrassed. I still agree with your assemment. It may not be duplo, but even being a juniors model, it’s not that exciting to collectors or advanced builders.


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