LEGO Avengers Infinity War by Ki Young Lee


Toy photography is a genre of photography that never stops to amaze me. Some creators out there are able to generate some amazing things using nothing other than their imagination, a camera and their toys (or in this case LEGO). Ki Young Lee is a perfect example of such.

Lee’s latest masterpiece is a LEGO Avengers Infinity War picture. In it, you can see every single character – except for Quicksilver – that is said to appear in the latest Avenger film. From Dr. Strange to Vision to even the Guardians of the Galaxy. Lee’s got everyone.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of the picture is not the minifigs themselve, but rather the its composition. It amazes me what people can create with programs such as Photoshop or Lightroom. I honestly cannot imagine how the original picture must have had looked before compositing everything. I certainly take my hat off to Lee.

If you liked this photograph, then I encourage you to take a peek at Ki Young’s Flickr Photostream. There’s more pictures just like this one!



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