A Fresh Start


Back in 2011, Groove Bricks was created with the soul purpose of connecting the LEGO Community and sharing the latest news, creations, brickfilm, deals and more. For the first few years everything went great and the site was kept well-updated, however, as many of you might have had come to notice, the website had gone into an unofficial hiatus the past few months. There has been a lack of content which I can’t personally justify. Nevertheless, this is all going to change from now on.

Groove Bricks has been completely relaunched from the ground up! Though this meant losing all the content we previously had on the site, it does present us with a fresh start to do things right. I’ll make it my personal goal to keep the site well organized both in the front-end and the back-end (you can’t image the nightmare that the latter was before). New segments will be introduced and hopefully more exclusive articles will be written. If everything goes as plan, there should be at least one new article every day.

This challenge is quite big, though, and I don’t think I can undertake it on my own. This why I would like to expand the Groove Bricks team and hire a couple of authors that can help along with the content creation. If you would be interested in this, please go ahead and come in contact with me.

I’m glad to be back and I hope you guys are too. Let’s make the best of this new launch. Groove Bricks is not going anywhere and it’s time to redeem ourselves.

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Howdy Everyone! My name is Tomás and I am the founder and main author here at Groove Bricks. Like you, I am a fan of LEGO and everything that it entails. I hope you like my articles as much as I like your comments.


  1. I would be interested in being an author for some articals for the website. I have been a big fan for a couple of years now, and it would be great to be a part of the website itself.


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